Monday, December 09, 2013

Wedding photos

Wow-- I can hardly believe I've been married for three months! I can also hardly believe that I'm just now posting these. 
Whew! Time flies. 
I really wanted to post all of my pictures... all several hundred of them. But I don't think Blogger would like me all that much if I attempted that, so I'm picking out some of my favorites. Some that capture what the day was like for Ryan and I. I hope that for those of you dear friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding, these might give a little taste of what it was like! 
Without further ado....

PS- Oh, and as the pictures might suggest, these have been the happiest three months of my life. :)

I wore my mom's dress

On my bouquet was a picture of Ryan's Dad and my Grandma; both of whom  have gone on to heaven.

My niece Damara :)

My new mother -in-law!

Praying with some of my bridesmaids before the ceremony

Ryan and I prayed together but I wouldn't let him see me until I walked down the isle. :)

Most of our favorite people all in one room!

Communion, our first act as a married couple.

VERY FIRST KISS! (And it keeps on getting better!)


The Sobie family, new and improved!

The Watters family, new and hopefully improved! 

All of our nieces and nephews! Seriously cute kids. :)

She was 17 when she wore this dress, I was 28. :)

My amazing sister did all the flowers, with help from friends! I could not have been more delighted with my beautiful bouquet! 

Seriously, now, is he not one good looking' guy!?!?!?

And none of this would have happened without our cupid, RuthAnn! <3 td="">