Friday, October 26, 2012

Radiant Purity Conference... D-Day!

Wow, I am just so excited about the Radiant Purity Conference beginning this evening!!

Beautiful things are already happening in Anchorage! :) It was an awesome time last night meeting up with the Alaska girls who are joining our team for the BL conferences here. Praying together, and sharing encouragement with girls who have felt very alone and isolated in their beliefs. One sweet sister, with tears, expressed how incredibly encouraged she felt just to be with young ladies who hold the same convictions, who have had the same struggles, and have the same passion for Jesus as she has. "Sometimes we feel so isolated here."

Alaska has an incredibly high sexual abuse rate. In Anchorage alone, 2002 statistics for reported rape cases were 188% HIGHER THAN THE REST OF THE U.S. We are praying that the Purity Conference will bring healing to those who have been wounded, resolution to those who have not, and hope and joy to EVERYONE who comes. Praise God that He offers His purity to everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the Road Again...

Well, what I hoped would never happen has been happening... I do a lot more updating on Facebook now and a lot less updating on my blog.

I feel like such a wretched person, admitting that for myself and all the world to see.

Ugh! I shudder! Me? Neglecting the old friend that is my Blog to run into the arms of a social media network like *shudder* FACEBOOK!? I repeat: Ugh.

But I'm pretty sure that's going to change again because I do miss blogging.
Maybe on this trip I'll get back to it.

Trip? What trip you ask? (Well maybe you weren't asking but that's a good segway into our next topic, as the presidential debate moderators would say...) Yep, TRIP! You  know me; never stay in the same place for more than a few moths, I say. Currently I have left Ohio far behind and I'm in NOME! Freezing, blizzarding, foggy, wonderful dirty ol' NOME! This week I've been enjoying family time before heading over to the Anchorage/Eagle River area tomorrow and meet up with the Bright Lights team. I'll be traveling for the next two months with this team doing girl's mentoring and discipleship conferences. One is called the Strong in the Lord conference and the other is the Radiant Purity conference. We'll be traveling in Alaska, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia!*

I'm not sure how much updating I'll be able to do, but I did want to mention what I'm up to and say that prayers for our group are appreciated. I'm excited about what God has planned for us on this trip. It was close to 5 years ago that I was in Asia with them last, and God did such beautiful things in our hearts and in the hearts of the girls we ministered too. I'm expecting the same again!

And now for a plug: do you live in the Anchorage area? Do you have girls between the ages of--oh--say 9 and 19? Then COME ON OUT and see us!
You will be super, duper glad you did.
These conferences are awesome.

*Click here to download Strong in the Lord Conference flyer...
Click here to download Purity Conference flyer...
Or Click here to register online.