Monday, October 17, 2011

"My Prayer" by Amy Carmichael

And shall I pray Thee change Thy will my Father,
Until it be according unto mine?
But no, Lord, no, that shall never be, rather
I pray Thee blend my human will with Thine.

I pray Thee hush the hurrying eager longing
I pray Thee soothe the pangs of keen desire.
See in my quiet places wishes thronging,
Forbid them, Lord, purge, though it be with fire.

And work in me to will and do Thy pleasure.
Let all within me, peaceful, reconciled,
Tarry content my Wellbeloved’s leisure,
At last, at last, even as a weaned child.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Song

I wrote a new song a couple days ago and was messing around with it in Garage Band (I so wish I knew how to better use that program! The quality of this recording it terrible!)

I just wanted to thank Jesus for all the things He is to me. Hope if you listen, it will help you do the same. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Car Got A Tattoo!

I gave Betty a little extra style today. Isn't she funky!?
She was afraid it would hurt but I told her all she'd feel was a little pressure.

Friday, October 07, 2011

An addendum to the last post

You know my two favorite stars? The ones whose names I never forget and I saw them in the constalation Orion?

Not so much.

Reading in my (aptly named) "Astronomy For Dummies" book today, I realized that when I thought I was looking at Sirius I was actually looking at Rigel.
Now Rigel is a REALLY cool name for a star too.
But... serious?
It wasn't Sirius!!

And here I was so impressed with my stellar skills. Epic fail.

*Sigh!* I still have a lot to learn....

Sunday, October 02, 2011

You just gotta know my Gramps...

Just a few hours ago, I was on the beach in Naples, Florida. With my toes dug into the cool sand, I watched as the last orange, searingly brilliant sliver of sun melted into the sea.

Breathtaking. There's not much that makes me worship quite like a sunset in Florida.

After the show, I trudged up the soft sands to where my Grandpa Oriti sat on a bench. The breeze was constant but gentle, and the palm trees were now silhouetted black against the tangerine sky. I sat next to Grandpa and we were quiet for a while. Then he inched his arm gently around my shoulders and broke the silence.

"You know what, Dani?"
"What, Gramps?"
"I think I could sit here with you for....

....for another three minutes or so."