Friday, January 06, 2012


I'm reading "No Compromise," the story of Keith Green. I've been wanting to read it for a couple years now. I remember my parents listening to his records (yes, RECORDS) when I was younger and a few years ago I downloaded his songs on iTunes. They grip me. He was passionate.

He was only two years older than me, I think, when he died. I'm gripped by stories of men and women who make short lives COUNT. Maybe God knows I'll live a short life, and He wants me to make mine count. Or maybe if I marry some day, I'll be married to a man who expends his life for the Kingdom at a young age, and I'll have the honor of furthering his vision. I don't know. Foolish conjecture, I guess.

I wonder, when I read the biographies of men like Keith, Jim Elliot, and others.... where are those sort of men today, in this needy culture? ...I mean, I know they're OUT there, but I haven't met very many young men who've felt a drive from the time they were young to serve God with passion and wholehearted devotion. Guys who are intensely devoted to Jesus before they're even in their twenties. They seem to mess around with their lives until they're older, and THEN make the choice.

My prayer today is this: that God will impassion young men in this generation. And that He will raise my friends and I up to be the women who will stand behind them and share their dreams and cherish their vision, making them successful for the kingdom.