Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Wish of Mine

If I could choose any place to go, right this moment, I would choose a place--surprisingly--in America! Oh, Tuscany, Australia, and Israel are still high on the list, but for right now, today, I'd choose a short jaunt to the west in my own fair country.

For a long time the three states I've most wanted to visit in America are Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Mountains and woods captivate me, and pictures I've seen of these states remind me of Alaska; I think that's why. Ever since I saw this picture of Jim Elliot--I think maybe it was taken near Portland, OR, I wanted to go here:

And then I was reading Reader's Digest a few months back and I flipped out because of this wonderful place in Washington...Treehouse Point. Since I saw the pictures I've been longing to go there. I think I will, some day. After all; it's in America, right?

Yep, some day...